Post Pregnancy Wedding Guest Outfit

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So 5 weeks after having a baby I had my sister’s wedding! It was a scary thought of getting in to a dress with my new ‘Mummy-Tummy’, not to mention getting in to high heels again! On top of all of it I had a c-section so I couldn’t wear anything too tight around the area and needed something comfortable that wouldn’t irritate the section scar.

So by week 4, to say the least, I was pleasantly surprised (and confused) that my weight was nearly back to its pre-pregnancy weight. As I couldn’t do much walking or moving around, let alone exercises, I was baffled by this as I hadn’t changed my food intake – if anything my food intake had increased now that I had more stomach space without the baby being inside and jumping on it every few minutes! So it turns out, after much blogging research, that the post pregnancy night sweats (that no one told me about I should add and I thought I was dying!)  had a benefit in that you can sweat the weight (in moderation)  out of you at night! Finally there is a silver lining to 5 weeks of horrible sticky nights!

Naively I then thought I might fit in to some of my old dresses…

Boy was I wrong as what was looming  over me was a new tummy! I didn’t realise I liked my tummy until it was gone! Typical! (However truth be told my new Mummy-Tummy is worth every bit of my beautiful little baby!)

My usual style for a wedding is bodycon fitted dresses (only realising post pregnancy when I tried on dresses in my wardrobe!). However, even though my weight was nearly back to its pre state, clearly this was not the look for me when I tried them on 4 weeks post pregnancy! While yes I could get one of them on, that did not make one bit of difference as firstly I still looked pregnant due to my swollen tummy and secondly it was sore in the c-section area. This was not the look I was going for!

So instead I decided to go down the route of a 50’s style dress that is fitted on top, and flows out at the bottom. The dress I opted for (below) is by Chi Chi London. I got it in House of Fraser. I have to say it was the best choice of a style of dress as it was just so comfortable on; it didn’t irritate the c-section scar and I didn’t feel conscious of my continually changing shape (a week can make all the difference post pregnancy so its hard to tell what you will look like a week later).

Chi Chi London Floral Print Bardot Midi Dress

Chi Chi London Floral Print Bardot Midi Dress – Approx. €71 when converted.

You can buy dresses online at Chi Chi London, however I got it online from House of Fraser.

Heres’s how it looked on…

Myself and my gorgeous little 5 week old baby (who I am besotted with!) at my sisters wedding in Ballymagarvey

Myself and my gorgeous little 5 week old baby (who I am besotted with!) at my sisters wedding in Ballymagarvey Village

For those of you with babies; my little baby’s outfit is from Mama and Papas. I just love their baby grows as the material is so soft against the baby’s skin and the material is also soft on the hand when winding a baby for a long time unlike some of the other baby grows that go bally in the material at the back from winding after a while!

Siobhan McHugh Fashion Journalist Dublin Ireland Ballymagarvey wedding venue

For the shoes – rather than a high heel, I opted for a midi-heel as this allowed for me to still feel dressed up, yet it was manageable to walk around in them for a few hours without irritating the section area. Later that evening I popped on a pair of sparkly flat sandals to give my body a much needed rest and by that stage no one has a clue what is on your feet!

Strap Sandals with Insolia €35 Marks and Spencer

Strap Sandals with Insolia €35 Marks and Spencer

I got them online from Marks and Spencer, the pink are not online anymore – they are only in black online, however I saw the pink pair available in store so you may have to visit a store to get them.

The fascinator was from; I always buy fascinators front his site as I only every wear them once and the selection is endless here. You get them atleast half the price, if not more, and then you can sell them on when you are done with them.

The jewellery was from the Maureen O Hara collection in Newbridge Silverwear

Newbridge Silverware Maureen O Hara Drop Pendant Clear Stone Earrings €45

Newbridge Silverware Maureen O Hara Drop Pendant Clear Stone Earrings €45


Newbridge Silverware Maureen O Hara Drop Pendant Clear Stone Earrings €45

Newbridge Silverware Maureen O Hara Drop Pendant Clear Stone Earrings €45

I usually do my own hair and make up, but I decided post baby if I was in the house I would end up running around like a mad woman with burnt curling thongs hair, make up everywhere and a baby hanging off me! So I decided to leave my husband at home minding the baby and I went to get my hair and make up done professionally. My make up was by MAC and my hair was by Elaina in Peter Marks in Blamchardstown Centre.

Siobhan McHugh Hairstyle wedding

As a wedding venue, Ballymagarvey Village was just perfect! So romantic, the staff were amazing and the food delicious! Definitely worth a visit if you are currently searching for a wedding venue.

At week 6 of post pregnancy I also have two Communions and two Christenings so its time to get shopping again! Speak soon!

Siobhan xx


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