A small amount animal print goes a long way…

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While we all love to show our wild side every now again by wearing a daring animal print, my advice would be K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly!). It is best not to wear lots of animal print all at once and choosing only to wear a small amount of it, and pair it with a plain coloured item.

We’ll will take the ever popular leopard print as an example; check out the image below of Paris Hilton demonstrating what it looks like to wear too much leopard print all at once. Take it easy on the the amount of leopard print you are wearing – a small amount leopard print goes a long way. Rather than choosing to wear all of your leopard print items at the same time, choose one item (whether it be a dress / hat /scarf / coat or similar) and pair with with a simple coloured item for a more stylish and sophisticated look. Try pairing your leopard print item with another item in black or red, both colours work well with leopard print.

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