Galway Now Maternity Feature Part 1

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Throughout my pregnancy I am doing a monthly feature in Galway Now Magazine where I give you all my latest style tips, maternity fashion tips, and my own first hand experience of being pregnant for the first time!

You can read my first issue below…

If I could give you one piece of advice as a first time pregnant woman to another soon-to-be pregnant woman it would be Expect the Unexpected!

I have been with my husband 13 years, and married 3 years of this. I am 32, have a fashion styling & personal shopping company ( and currently living in Dublin. We decided we finally feel mature enough to look after another human being! It’s time to hang up my party socks and reach for early-to-bed socks for the foreseeable 9 months!

I am now 12 weeks pregnant and ecstatic that we will have a new baby in our lives in 6 months time.

However, I am going to be honest with you, my pregnancy experience to this point was far from what I expected! I actually feel ridiculous saying this now, but when I found out I was pregnant I was expecting to feel like a glowing angel, just bouncing along my merry way, feeling utterly fantastic, and looking forward to getting that famous ‘glow’ that all the movies talk about! I knew little about the possible first trimester effects! And of the ones I was aware of I naively thought to myself “Ah I won’t be feeling sick or tired, I am a very healthy and active person’. Well boy was I wrong! The first trimester was a complete shock to me!
It took us three tests and one doctor’s appointment later before we started to believe we are in fact having a baby! Even though it was planned, it doesn’t stop you being in absolute shock when you see ‘Pregnant’ flashing before your eyes! This was followed swiftly by a combination of joy, excitement, a dash of fear, happiness and a reality hit that we have to grow up! Should I feel more maternal around other children now I wondered? I decided this great natural maternal nature would come in time where I will dancing around like Maria from the Sound of Music with all the children singing in harmony as we climb every mountain and ford every stream!
Note to self: Quick where’s the fruit and veg! Must buy a smoothie maker. Must delete my local take away number. How do you change a baby’s nappy?
Changes started instantly; first my chest! I was on the way out the door to work when my husband asked me “Did you get a one of those pushing bra’s” (by ‘pushing’ he means ‘push-up bras’!)? He had a point! My breasts were huge! And sore and heavy for that matter too! I wanted to get a ‘Do Not Touch’ sign!
Next food aversions and cravings! I never noticed how often everyone talks about food. It is constant! Why can’t they stop, it is making me sick! Morning sickness is a complete and utter lie; it’s more like morning, day, and night sickness!
Next followed fatigue and ‘morning’ sickness rolled in to one! I was looking forward to my friends wedding for months, but before we even left the house I spent hours lying on the bathroom floor! I couldn’t face wearing my usual bodycon style dresses so I opt for the fullest skirt I could find to detract from my bloated tummy! By the time we got to the wedding I was exhausted! I put on my best party face, pretended to drink (my husband slowly looking worse for wear due to drinking for two!) and by 9PM I was asleep in the chair in the corner of the room with everyone probably thinking that I had partied too hard!
Note to self: Must not take naps in public places, especially when there are cameras around and you can get tagged on Facebook!
My days of partying feel over! Who knew the highlight of my ‘new’ life would be waiting for X Factor on a Saturday night! Is it just me or is X Factor more emotional this year!? #WildSaturdayNight #Hormonal
Finally the body shape change; those once fitted skinny jeans that I loved so much are now jammed on to my thighs, and my once flat stomach now looks like I ate all the pies! If only I could tell them it was a pregnant belly!
But in all seriousness while the first trimester was definitely not the glowing experience that I had hoped for, it really doesn’t matter to me at all, because anything is worth it to meet our beautiful baby in 6 months.

Over the coming months I will be sharing my pregnancy experience with you and my top maternity styling tips and best maternity personal shopping finds in Galway Now Magazine.

Keep an eye out next month in the magazine!

Siobhán McHugh x


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