Galway Now Maternity Feature Part 2

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“What baby?” was my recent answer to my friends’ suggesting that she would mind my baby next summer when my sisters wedding is on! So it turns out although I realize I am pregnant, what I keep forgetting is that I will have an actual baby to look after in six months time!
At 14 weeks pregnant, the ‘morning’ sickness has not yet subsided but I am hopeful; instead with it brings heavy nose-bleeds! Beautiful I hear you say! But don’t worry; if you are pregnant you will be happy to hear this doesn’t happen to everyone! The doctors have told me the sickness should lift around week 16 (so 2 weeks, 5 hours and 42 seconds until I reach that ‘glowing’ feeling …not that I am counting!)!
One of the most exciting experiences in the past few weeks was going for our 12-week scan! The experience was out of this world. No matter how many times I have seen this in movies, or heard about it through friends and family, nothing compares to the overwhelming feeling of love and pride as you see your little baby appear on the screen. Although, this posed a new question; how do they get those picture perfect scan photograph in the movies? My little bundle of joy is more like an Olympic gymnast, continually doing summersaults inside my womb! You could almost hear it say ‘weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee’ as it twirled and tumbled as fast as it could! Eventually we got a photograph, blurred mind you, but still a photograph!
Note to self: Must look up gymnastics classes for my future Olympian!
Now that it was confirmed that everything was okay with the pregnancy, we couldn’t wait to tell people! We went for the complete cheesy option and ordered a ‘Bun in the Oven’ costume from eBay; I wore a full body-sized cooker costume with a bun in the oven (you can actually open the oven door to take out the bun!) and my husband wore an apron saying ‘The Bun Maker’ with a matching chefs hat! We turned up at my parent’s door in the outfits, and their faces were priceless! My Father knew within seconds, where as my Mother looked at me in complete confusion. I told her to open the oven door to see what was in it; she did so and replied to me ‘There’s a Pancake in the oven’! Hmm, not the answer I was looking for! Next, I said to dig deeper in the oven, where she found the scan photograph!
Once people knew I was pregnant, it was a little easier to explain my Pamela Anderson boobs and emerging tummy bump! Since I found out I was pregnant I stopped buying clothes as I was, and still am, unsure what size I will be. However as a personal shopper, I am having withdrawal symptoms from shopping! It feels like I am going cold turkey on an addiction that I didn’t know I had! My habit was clearly disguised in my personal shopping job! At least I can still get my fix whilst living vicariously through happy shopping clients!

From a personal shopping point of view, if you are in the first trimester and looking for clothing to camouflage your growing tummy, whilst trying to keep it a secret, here’s are my top 5 suggestions:

Invest in a wrap coat:
The belt will allow you to create a waistline, while camouflaging the bump. It can also be worn much later in pregnancy if you leave it open and tie the belt to the back to maintain the shape.

Make a statement:
A statement collar necklace will draw the eye upwards away from the tummy area. #Distraction

Poncho’s are on trend:
No one will suspect you are hiding a bump under a poncho; they will just think you like to be stylish by keeping up to date with latest catwalk trends.

Wrap top trick:
A wrap top allows extra coverage at the tummy area, while the wrap shape draws the eye away from the tummy towards the side and creates a nice waistline.

Shearling Jacket
If the fatigue is getting to you and you are struggling to get out of bed in the morning, what could be the closest thing to bring your duvet to work with you? A shearling jacket, that’s what! Oh so cosy!

That’s all for now!

See you next month!

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