Galway Now Maternity Feature Expect The Unexpected Dec/ Jan 2016

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At week 18 I feel utterly fantastic; actually ‘glowing’ one might say! I finally reached the fun time in pregnancy where I feel like me again – all of the first trimester symptoms eventually lifted in week 17!

So now that I have more energy I feel the stereotypical ‘nesting-syndrome’ kicking in! All of a sudden I want the house to the spotless, those curtains that never bothered me before now niggle away at me, and that carpet colour just has to go! I never noticed how many sharp corners there are on our furniture either! I found myself looking in to what we actually need for a baby; who knew Pinterest was for good for pregnancy prep too and not just weddings!

When I got engaged a few years back I remember saying to my husband, “Ah I don’t mind where we get married / I am not going to spend an absurd amount on a dress / I really don’t mind what flowers we get / I am going to be very relaxed about this wedding”…but as soon after starting to plan the wedding I was looking at designer dresses, dreaming of castles and all of a sudden looking at napkins thinking ‘wow check out that quality’. I cared all of a sudden about flowers, invites, and pretty much everything I said I wouldn’t care about!

So when I found out I was pregnant I said to my husband “Ah I don’t mind what cot we get / what pram we have / if it’s hand-me-downs from family / I don’t mind if the furniture doesn’t co-ordinate”. The next thing I know, 3 months down the line, I found myself picking out oversized luxurious cots (that I would nearly fit in myself for that matter!), fairy tale resembling moses baskets, and pondering what is a nursing chair and do I need one? And ah yes, not to forget about the pram that I said I didn’t mind what it looked like; that seems like a distance memory as we trawl through shops looking for the best jogging buggy I can find. “Ooh this one can go through the jungle terrain” I hear myself say to my husband. At this point I should mention that I have never been to a jungle and do not intend on visiting one any time soon. And guess you can buy a matching changing bag, a matching parasol and sure it wouldn’t be complete without a matching cup holder. Then, right at that second, I have a moment of sanity as I noticed the familiar look in my husbands’ eyes…yes I know I have seen this look before…if I could just place it…ah yes…that look he had when we walking around a castle looking at it as an option for our wedding venue, as we now needed castle to match my designer dress, for the wedding that I was going to be ‘so relaxed’ about!

Note to self; Cop on! Stop buying in to the baby buzz. Buy what you need and stop getting carried away! I really don’t think I need this red Christmas dress for the baby for Christmas 2017 – after all we haven’t a clue if it is even a boy or a girl! Put it down right this second!

Until next time, Happy Christmas from me and the bump! x





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