Galway Now Maternity Feature Expect The Unexpected February 2016

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‘WOW’ is all I can say about getting to see our little baby in our 20-week scan. It is definitely one of the happiest moments of my life so far. It was amazing to see it’s waving hands, and tiny feet. It’s cute button nose, and little lips. As you will notice, I am still saying ‘It’! As tempting as it was to find out if we are having a girl or a boy, we managed to resist the last minute temptation of the unveiling! So when people now ask me “What are you having”, my reply is “A human”!

Now at 26 weeks, as my little bump is growing, I am growing out of my regular clothes at the same time. It was time to invest in some key maternity basics over the past few weeks – and a course a few other pieces as I am a shopaholic and delighted that I can start shopping again now that I fit in to new clothes!

Note to self: Must cut the tags off that pile of new maternity clothes that I left on the bed earlier. I am not sure if I will get away with the usual answer when my husband asks, “Is that new?”. I can hardly say, “What, this maternity dress? No, I have this years”, when it is my first time being pregnant!

The main item of clothing I found worth investing in is at least two pairs of maternity jeans. You may have got away with a belly-band or button extender in to the second trimester of your pregnancy, but when your jeans become tight, uncomfortable, and feeling like they are digging in to your tummy, it is time to invest in maternity jeans.


Here are my top styling tips for selecting maternity jeans:


  1. Buy in the same size you were before pregnancy when buying maternity jeans as they are designed with your pre-pregnancy size in line with the recommended weight gain. If you are over or under the recommended pregnancy weight, it is best to try on before you buy. If you are ordering online instead, take your new measurements at home, and refer to the online store size guide.


  1. Take note of the style of jeans you liked before pregnancy. You don’t need to compromise on style with all of the options available to you. The fit is still the same – Skinny, Bootcut, Straight Leg, Flares, Capris…whatever your heart’s content.


  1. Invest in at least two pairs if you wear jeans regularly. Make sure they look different to each other so it doesn’t look like you are wearing the same thing. Perhaps opt for a different colour or fit.


  1. There are a variety of structures available for the tummy area in maternity jeans. The following terms may come in handy when you are shopping:
  • Jersey Basque – A soft, stretchy, jersey front panel that has the ability to expand as your bump grows. It can have concealed adjustable elastics to assist in comfort and fit.
  • Under the bump – A jersey panel with a supportive band of wide elastic, that sits just under the bump. Personally this is my favourite fit so far. This structure can be good in the first and second trimester. You can also wear these in the 3rd trimester if you feel you don’t need more support for over the bump.
  • Over the bump – A basic elasticated waistband that fits over your bump. Some people love the feeling of support, where as others find it restrictive so it is best to try it on before purchasing. This structure can be the preferred option for the third trimester.
  • Side panels – Elasticated side jersey panels that expand with your growing bump. They are neat and can look similar to your pre-pregnancy jeans from the front.
  • Drawstring – These jeans have an adjustable drawstring at the front, usually with an elasticated band at the back. These jeans are a little less in demand due to the style factor on the eye, so can be harder to find.
  • Fly front – A normal button or zip opening with adjustable straps hidden in the sides of the waistband, or jersey panels concealed behind the front pockets.


  1. Remember Your Style does not need to suffer; between retail stores and online stores there really are some fabulous maternity clothing out there just waiting for you and your bump. Pregnancy and your body changing can have you either feeling utterly sexy with your new shape, or feeling a little apprehensive and anxious on what to wear with your new shape. If it is the latter, take some time to invest in some key maternity pieces that will have you feeling like ‘you’ when you step outside the door. You still own your body even if it doesn’t feel like it! Dress it with love; it’s important to step outside the house feeling good!




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