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I have reached the 30-week milestone of pregnancy; I am officially on the countdown with only 10 weeks to go. Time is going so quickly now. Personally the first 16 weeks felt like they were going on forever just simply from being so sick, but since week 17 the time has flown by! Trimester 3 has brought its own new pregnancy side effects, some good and some bad – glowing skin, thick hair, but bad back pain! At the start of my pregnancy when I saw those giant 5ft. pregnancy pillows, I naively was laughing at the state of them saying there is no way I am getting a 5 ft. pillow to add to our bed…little did I know at week 28 I was in desperate need of one, sending my husband out to every shop to try find one for me and now I can’t live without it!

Another thing I found humorous at the start of the pregnancy was pregnancy yoga; I joined this class after week 16 but to be honest I just felt awkward when they were telling me to ‘connect with the baby’, this is ‘Baby and Mommy time’ and lets breath ‘hee-hee-hee-hoooo’! I started to question myself as to why I felt so awkward making these noises when everyone else around me was pregnant too! But over the coming weeks what I did notice was any of the women in the class who were past the 30-week mark were well and truly breathing deeply and confidently making the ‘’eeee’, ‘aaaah’’ ‘oooooh’ noises as loud as they could; while the rest of us under 30 weeks awkwardly mumbled the noises under our breath! Clearly the labour fear kicks in and you don’t care what people think the closer it gets! Now at week 30 I am completely and utterly hooked on pregnancy yoga, it is the one night of the week I get a good nights sleep, the one night my back pain eases, and it is my favouite time of the week as I get to (as it was put to me) have ‘Mommy and Baby time’! I now get it and I love feeling the baby kick and react to the class. It has helped me feel even more connected to the baby during this time. I am now officially ‘one of those past week 30’ women passionately saying as loud as I can ‘eeee, aaaah oooooh’ without a care in the world what the people around me think!

Note to self: Must not mock the pregnancy products and mind tools, as you never know when you might need them!

Somewhere around week 28 something changed in me and nesting has intensified! My poor husband said I have become ‘scary’! Yes I kid you not, scary! And to be honest I reckon he is right as I am usually quite a laid back person! I have gone in to overdrive! I understand the overpowering need to get the hospital bag and baby room ready at this time, but what I can’t understand is the overwhelming feeling to paint all the walls, change the curtains, and even the kitchen delph! I really don’t think the baby will notice these! But I guess this is what they call nesting, so I am going with it!

In terms of shopping, one of the things I am looking in to at the moment is buying the baby changing bag. Here’s some things to consider when making a decision on which changing bag to purchase:

  • SPACE: It needs to be spacious so that you can fit in all the baby essentials like bottles, nappies and wipes (and your own bits of course!).
  • ADD ONS: What does it come with for the price – if you are spending a little more on it, check if it includes a changing mat, bottle insulator, strollerstrap, different compartments and is easy to clean.
  • STRAPS: An option of both short straps and long straps would be preferable. When you are holding a baby you may not have any hands free, so the over the shoulder option is good to have when you need it.
  • PRICE: Just like normal bags, brands will always cost more!
  • RECYLCE: If you don’t want to invest in a baby bag you could use one of your current bags and simply add an organiser, and changing mat.
  • MAN BAG: While the majority of the changing bags are very female targeted, they are some fab man-changing bags available.

Until next month, see you then! Siobhan McHugh x


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