Galway Magazine Feature October 2016 – Mom & Mini Me by Siobhán McHugh

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This month…

My baby boy has turned 12 weeks old and I have learned so much! It has been an amazing, wonderful, tiresome, surreal 12 weeks where as a first time Mom I have learned that sleep is a luxury, nappies fill up quickly, babies like to grab long hair, dangly earrings and jewellery are a thing of the past, night time and day time are now the same thing, a Sunday morning no longer consists of a sleep in, shellac nails and spray tans are now just something I see them do on Geordie Shore, and I have traded in my day time high heels for flats (if you knew me you would understand the shock of this!)! Who am I! But as cliché as it sounds I wouldn’t change a single thing for the world! Everything is new to me so on my journey of Newbie-Motherhood I will be sharing style tips and, my beauty & product finds for Mom and Mini each month!

Cesarean-Section Style

I had a C-Section; this meant when coming out of hospital I could not comfortably wear jeans, so instead I opted for a dress which worked out great as it was not causing irritation to the healing wound. Dresses are also a great option when recovering at home as it means you are comfortable but still feel presentable for the busy visitor period.

The First Outfit

We’ve all done it, when we see someone with a new baby and say “Oh that is a beautiful girl” only to stop in your tracks wishing you said nothing in case it’s a boy! It’s just so hard to tell when they are newborns. So if you want to avoid the confusion for your first baby photo that you will be sending out to everyone, here’s three cute baby grows that should eliminate some confusion, a pink for a girl, blue for a boy and white for no gender specific (I am not saying girls can’t wear blue and boys can’t wear pink but the majority of people associate these colours with a sex).

Take that stretch marks!

I know some people say it is hearsay and beauty products can not do anything to prevent stretch marks; however all I know is I used beauty products through out my pregnancy and I am inclined to think that’s how I managed to get away without getting many stretch marks (I had a condition that caused excessive extra fluid in the stomach so it is safe to say my skin seriously stretched more than the average amount).

Starting from the second trimester of pregnancy each night I used Bio Oil, and in the morning I used Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Massage Lotion For Stretch Marks (as I found using Bio Oil in the morning made my clothes oily if I didn’t have time to let it soak in). Maybe it is hearsay and you can’t prevent stretch marks occurring, but personally I was not prepared to take the risk to find out, and I won’t wait to find out the next time either!

No, it is not morning time!

It is safe to say I have fallen for so many marketing campaigns and bought so much ‘stuff’ for my new life with a baby that we really just did not need! But a product that I would definitely recommend is the Gro Light. The Gro–light fits in to your normal overhead light or bedside lamp and fills your baby’s room with a soft glow when you flick the light switch once, and then can revert to the full light when you flick the switch twice. It saves you from catching your toe at the end of the bed in the dark, stepping on soothers and most importantly prevents your baby from thinking it is morning time at 3AM once you turn the light on for a night feed – Genius!


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