Galway Magazine Feature November 2016 – Mom & Mini Me by Siobhán McHugh

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This month…

My beautiful baby boy, Jack-Riley, is now 5 months old and I do not know where the time went. I could pretend to you that I knew everything (like I have found a lot of Moms will tell you, that is until you admit you don’t know what you are doing and suddenly they admit the same and fill you with the ‘real’ parenting stories!), but the truth of the matter is I have been learning new things every day. From putting on nappies backwards, to learning (a few weeks too late might I add) that baby boys pee fast & far as soon as you take the nappy off (followed with a suspicious giggle), to practically stamping on my pram in car parks to try and fold it down the way they showed me in the shop (how did she made it look so easy!); Yes I have done it all and learned new skills, but at least it all seems to give my baby a good giggle! Now its time to start weaning…I can only imagine what this task will bring!

Mum-Tum Style

Of course the pros of having a new born out weighs the cons; one con (but totally worth it) is you may have a few extra pounds around the tummy area, which can be hard to dress if you want to draw the eye away from here. The best option for tops it to choose tops that are fitted on top and loose around the lower part, as if it is loose all over it can add the illusion of extra weight that doesn’t actually exist all over the top half of the body.

It’s as ‘Cleva’ as that!

It’s 4A.M., my eyes are burning with tiredness whilst my little baby has woken up & found his voice. He is ‘communicating’ (A.K.A. screaming the house down) for a bottle. I scramble out of the bed, trip over everything on the way to the kitchen, grab the bottle of water and start adding scoops of formula to it. Now while this sounds like a pretty straight forward task, at 4A.M. with a lack of sleep and a high pitched crying baby I found it easier to get a college Degree than this! “Scoop 1, 2, 3, 4,..4….eh…5…or was that 6”? And you have to throw it out and start all over again! And then I found a little piece of heaven to change my life (dramatic I know but as I said its 4A.M.)…ClevaScoop to save the day! This product allows you to set it at the required number of scoops, and with just one swift ‘scoop’ of the formula you can add it to the water. No more counting confusion at 4A.M.!


As I said it’s time for us to start weaning our baby from liquids on to solids. I am the first to admit, that I don’t even like eating anything I cook, so I feel sorry for my little baby already! A good tip I got is coloured food like carrots stain, so opt for red or orange clothes and don’t forget the bibs! With it being Halloween I found the perfect orange baby grow and cute bib. Onsies are just so comfortable no matter what age they are, so here’s a second option if your child is older.


Fresh Faced Fantasy

Being fresh faced is a thing of the past! The lack of sleep is not doing my youthful looking quest any favours. I feel like the Wicked Queen in Snow White “Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the freshest face Mom of them all”, and I can practically feel my mirror laughing back at me with a condescending chuckle “Well it’s definitely not you’! So if I can’t have a natural looking fresh-faced glow, the next best thing is to add my favourite beauty jem to my morning skin – Benefit High Beam. Just add a little to the check bones, under the brow bone and at the inner edges of the eyes for a fresh glow.

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