Galway Magazine Feature December 2016 – Mom & Mini Me by Siobhán McHugh

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This month…

It’s official; at the 6-month mark I now feel like a real parent. I was blissfully encouraging Jack-Riley to be independent, waiting for the day he would roll. The moment he accomplished a full 360 roll for the first time I jumped for joy, encouraging him to continue to do so over & over again. I could practically hear my baby developing a Scottish accent and shouting ‘Freedom’ just as Mel Gibson did in Braveheart! Fast forward a few days and you can find me chasing a fast rolling baby around the floor, telling him to be careful & not to hurt himself (not that he understands a word), whilst a part of me missing his neediness for me to hold him! Yes I have become one of those, a parent!

Galway Now Magazine Nov 2016 Styleuphoria Siobhan McHugh

Galway Now Magazine November issue Siobhan McHugh Styleuphoria

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