High SPF Face Cream Needs

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I am ridiculously picky about my face creams, especially if it an SPF cream – one of the main reasons is the smell as I can not stand if it doesn’t smell nice and it’s near my nose and I’m stuck smelling it for the rest of the day!

However over the past few weeks I started using this Clarins SPF 50; I was waiting to see what I think of it after a few weeks use before I posted it about … and I can confirm I LOVE IT! ❤️❤️❤️👌🏻

It’s smells fabulous, has a high factor of SPF50, it’s really light and it gives a nice sheen to the face when you aren’t wearing make up. While it’s a small bottle for €38 it seems to last well as you don’t need loads of it.

Happy I found one I like!

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