Next Sale Summer Haul for Kids

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Personally I found that the in store Next Summer Sale was absolutely brilliant this year.

The store nearest to me in Liffey Valley Dublin opened at 5AM; after a long night with the baby I was too tired for a 5AM shopping trip and I got there at 8AM. I was expecting it to be packed and messy by then with limited sizing & stock, as that’s how the Next sale usually is by that time, however this time round I was pleasantly surprised! It was the first Next sale where everything was still spotless, in the right place and with some of it even size ordered! There was still loads of stock left in the women’s, men’s and children’s department with plenty to choose from (the only sale part that I seemed to miss out on was the home wear). I can only presume this unusually relaxed setting was as a result of now being able to shop online in the sale on Next in Ireland. And to make matters even better, I had gift vouchers to spend which essentially feels like free clothes when shopping with vouchers! Some people say there is no thought in giving vouchers to someone, but personally I love getting vouchers as gifts from people (hint hint friends and family!)!

So here’s a peak at a few pieces that I bought for my little girl and my little boy, I will do a separate post on what I bought for myself in the Next sale.

I couldn’t resist some leopard print for the baby! Maybe I’m unintentionally taking inspiration from the Kardashians dressing their babies in this print!

There’s no purple rain here with all of this sunshine Ireland is getting at the moment! These trousers are super light and loose for hot weather.

It wouldn’t be summer without some soft pinks and summer florals.

Everyone needs some denim in their wardrobe, so I just had to get these adorable polka dot jeans for the baby. I probably should have got them in a bigger size that 6-9 months as the weather is too good at the moment for jeans (in saying that this is Ireland so it could be raining by this evening)! Teaming the jeans with some simple t-shirts.

This dress totally reminds me of the plates and cups that Mother has in her house, I think it was called Willow pattern . #vintageinspired

I find playsuit sand jumpsuits so handy and light in this kind of weather, but only if they open at the bottom too so that you can change a nappy fast (this one opens at the bottom). I made the mistake of buying a cute little denim playsuit for the baby but I found out the hard way and a little too late why it’s important for the bottom part to open on clothes!!

And for my boy I’m afraid he didn’t get as much!! I always try to pick up a good winter jacket in the Next sale. I also usually pick up shoes in the sale , here’s one of the pairs I got for the winter.

I already can’t wait for the St. Stephens Next Sale now!!!

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