Maternity Style Finds

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When pregnant I found that some of the maternity wear could be so expensive.

There wasn’t much in the maternity range at a lower price range, I guess the lowest was Dorothy Perkins (which I found great) and then Penney’s brought out some maternity items, but I have to say as much as I love Penney’s for everything else, I couldn’t stand the Penney’s maternity wear. It just made me feel like crap! It was ill fitting and generally sew through! I found it either stretched or didn’t wash well or so on. Now maybe it’s improved by now, that was 18 months ago.

Another low priced maternity wear is but again either I didn’t know it was available, or it wasn’t available 18 months ago. have some fab maternity looks online which I will share with you below.

Here’s some of my favours pics from Boohoo

Now while these looks are fab, I asked all of my followers on Instagram what experience they have had with maternity wear from, there was so much feed back, some absolutely loved the clothes, some said they found the quality poor , but the overall response was that you get what you pay for. So essentially ay low prices you get on trend styles , so while sometimes the quality may not be amazing it means you may need good support underwear (in particular with fitted dresses). had fast delivery and easy returns so I think that’s in its favour, you’ve nothing to lose by trying it out !

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