Pre-packed Hospital Bags

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Life can just be so busy can’t it? It can be so hard to find time to do everything. On the first baby I found I had a little more time to pack the baby bag as I spent months grabbing bits, but on the second baby between full time working, having a one year old and being pregnant I was exhausted the whole time! I eventually got the hospital bag packed and sorted but to do that I had to go to lots of different shops and order things online and so on!

Looking back on it all now, I’m thinking it would have been easier to buy a pre-packed hospital bag or one of the baby boxes.

I spotted a few options online where you can either buy pre-packed contents for Mother and Baby hospital and labour bags where you use your own actual bag. There also an option for a pre-packed contents along with the actual bag. The other one is a baby box that the baby can sleep in that also contains items for the hospital bag.

Here’s an online Irish company that a good few of my followers recommend…

Here’s an online UK company that does prepacked mother, baby and labour hospital bag called

An Irish owned company, ,

Another Irish company is ,

Another popular option is a Baby Box. I have heard that the baby box is associated with the reduction of SIDS rates… “The use of Baby Boxes has been credited with helping reduce infant mortality rates in Finland, where they have been in use for over 75 years”.  There’s a bit more information on it here from the HSE. There is an Irish company who sells the boxes and the contents inside of it; The Stork Box , and they also sell bag and content options.


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