Matching Family Christmas Pyjamas

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Yep, I’ll admit it… I love this growing tradition of matching family pyjamas sets for Christmas! Nothing beats that cute image in my head on Christmas Eve of the whole family sitting down to watch a Christmas movie beside a fabulous Christmas tree… but they reality will be quite different I’m sure with a 1 & 3 year old! Yes, while we will be wearing our matching family pj’s, we won’t be all sitting there quietly like you see in the movies! They kids will be running riot fighting over something like who gets to put the carrot on Santa’s plate, the tree will be half way turned over on the floor, I’ll be running around trying to tidy and look for the batteries we bought for Christmas Day, my husband will be remembering that he forgot to buy someone’s Christmas present and scrambling what to do and so on!!! But either way we will all be happy in our matching pyjamas sets!!!

Over the past few years the range of this has grown in a number of stores. I’m currently trying to pick one so here’s a few I have my eye on!


Great price and the they have a matching dog pyjamas for the family too. Seriously I want a dog now, I’ve wanted a dog!


F&f Clothing have been great at the matching family nightwear sets over the past few years. The quality has always been amazing too for the price. Here’s a look at this years selection


The family pj’s are that little bit more expensive compared to the two mentioned above, but the quality matches the price. So soft and cosy! They’ve got two matching Christmas pyjamas’s for the family this year.


These guys have a seriously big selection of matching family pj’s this year! They’ve got your typical festive colours such as red mixes etc., but they also have fab chic black sets like below. Love the black one!

The Late Late Toy Show Pyjamas:

You will have to be from or lived in Ireland to know what I am on about here but RTE The Late Late Toy Show is on November 29th! Penney’s have some fab matching family nightwear for it and cute cups too!

Enjoy the festive build up to all, love this time of year!

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