Morning Sickness Tips

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Anyone who has had ‘morning sickness’ during pregnancy, I feel your pain!

I spent 9 months hugging the toilet or vomiting in to nappy bags when out in public! Many an awkward moment let me tell you!

Throughout both pregnancies I vomited morning, noon and night from week 6/7 , but on each pregnancy I stopped vomitting for a six week period which started around week 26 which was a relief (not a relief when it came back let me tell you!). During the 6 weeks I just felt nauseous or reflux but didn’t actually vomit.

Through out the 9 months I tried so many different things to help with morning sickness on both pregnancies, but to be honest there was no big moment where I found something that worked, instead I found small little things that may have slightly helped the feeling at times.

So I will share my tip with you from my own experience, and I will also share tips that my lovely followers on social media shared with me for you all!

Acupuncture – I found this more helpful on the first pregnancy compared to the second pregnancy (I didn’t have as much free time on the second pregnancy so it was harder to fit in). It wasn’t so much that it stopped me getting sick, but it would help me sleep better that night which had a knock on effect on nausea.

Acupuncture Wrist Bands – my GP recommended these to me, I wore them the a lot of time the time on the first even though I didn’t notice one single change when I wore them! I felt they didn’t help me at all, but maybe others have had success with them! I wore them one week on second pregnancy and gave up on them!

Ginger Biscuits – I literally lived on these, as did a lot of pregnant ladies on my social media who said these totally helped them!

Fresh Ginger – Again on the first pregnancy I tired fresh ginger in tea but I don’t find it helped lots so I didn’t bother on the second! But I have heard lots that this helps people so give it a go!

Rich Tea Biscuits – Yup! I found these to be a brilliant bed side locker saviour. If I woke up and felt too due to not eating for a few hours these would help until I felt more well to go downstairs and get something more substantial. A lot of followers recommended these too!

Crackers – Similar to Rich Tea biscuits scenario! And not as sweet! A lot of followers recommended these too!

Eating small and often (every two hours) – This was a must for me on both pregnancies. Every 1.5/2 hours, even if just a cracker or biscuit if I couldn’t face anything or hold much down. A lot of followers recommended this too!

Middle of the night snack – This one is just one I didn’t as it helped. I generally was awake a lot each night so if I was asleep I didn’t set an alarm or anything, but if I was awake I would eat a bowl of hot Cornflakes!!! Really helped me, but that might be one that just worked for me! Trial and error for sure!

Fizzy Drinks – A lot of followers recommended this! For me prior to pregnancy I didn’t really like any fizzy drinks, but actually small sips of Lucozade really helped me with morning sickness or when I was getting sugar lows! Used this on both pregnancies.

Water Sipping – if you have morning sickness it’s really important to stay hydrated. I know it can be hard to keep water down so I used to just try sip it and then make sure I was in a ‘safe’ environment if I was drinking a lot of it! By ‘safe’ I mean somewhere that had a toilet close by or nappy bags on me in case I vomited or around people who knew what was going on with me!

Ice Cubes or Frozen Fruit Cubes – A lot of followers recommended these too! I never thought I’d the frozen fruit cubes one, great idea! I can confirm the ice cube one was good!

Dried Toast – O so boring and tasteless, but yes it helped! A lot of followers recommended these too!

Plain carbohydrates like plain pasta, potatoes – A lot of followers recommended these too! Personally I couldn’t handle these, they made my morning sickness worse! So another trial and error one , give it a go!

Low fat foods – The advice is to opt for low fat, non greasy food and many followers confirmed that this helped their morning sicknesses. For me some fatty foods helped me like greasy sausage sambo helped some of the days! Bbq hula hoops crisps helped me too!

Ice lollies – a lot recommend Loop The Loops!

Rest – Try to get enough rest as tiredness as make morning sickness worse, which is hard to get if you have more children!

Food trials – Keep trying foods in ‘safe’ environments until you find something you can keep down – for me I lived on a banana or sausage sandwich or those rotten prepacked noodles that I wouldn’t touch now with a 10 foot barge pole!

Medication prescribed by Doctor – if it gets very bad your Doctor may put you on short term medication. I was nervous about this and put it off as long as I could on both but actually all worked out fine, my usual over thinking pregnant worried mind was on overdrive with the thoughts of anything like that but once in hospital and they put me on it they helped.

As awful as morning sickness was, the second I held each baby in my arms it was all a distant memory. You’ll get through it and it’s worth every awkward moment and more!

(By they was as I had the exact same morning sickness on the second as I did the first I thought it would be the same sex baby but it wasn’t! Just in case you having fun trying to figure out at present if you are having a girl or boy that’s another element to think about !)

Siobhán xx

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