FAQ’s Personal Styling


What is a personal shopper?

A personal shopper is someone that assists others in finding clothing and accessories by listening to the customers needs, thus giving advice and making suggestions to customers to satisfy their style needs. The Styleuphoria personal shopping service prides itself in listening to it’s customers, understanding their needs and providing a tailored service with a personal touch.


Who will my Styleuphoria personal shopper be?

Siobhán McHugh, MD of Styleuphoria, will be your personal shopper.


What qualification does my personal shopper have?

Siobhán Mchugh has much academic and on the job experience that qualifies Siobhán as a highly competent and efficient personal shopper. Siobhán has a diploma in image and fashion styling, a certificate in make up, a fashion buying and merchanding certificate, Arcadia retail training, and a certificate in train the trainer qualifying Siobhán to teach fashion styling. Siobhán is now the creator of FETAC fashion styling courses and is the person that provides the course rather than sits in on it!


What is an image and colour consultation?

Being educated and aware of your shape & of best colour choice can make shopping so much easier. Sometimes we can tend to be panic or emotional shoppers where we buy when we have to in a reactive manner and this may cause us to fill our wardrobe with items we don’t wear, or more so don’t know how to wear.

During this service I will analyse your body shape features to find the perfect clothing shape, uncover your style personality and find your best colours by conducting a colour consultation. This will teach you the guidelines for making the best purchasing decisions in the future. You will gain confidence in creating and maintaining your style. Style is for everyone no matter what age or shape you are.


What is a wardrobe declutter?

Most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time; which means a lot of clutter in the wardrobe leaving you feeling frustrated when trying to find something to wear. What you need to do is ‘weed your wardrobe’, and if you are not too sure how to do that, that’s where I come in!

Siobhán McHugh of Styleuphoria will help to ‘weed’ out those items from your wardrobe that are not working for you, making more space for items that do work for you. We want to create harmony in your wardrobe by freeing up space having only items you wear and can mix & match with other items, resulting in a hassle free approach to choosing your outfits when you open the wardrobe doors.

Styleuphoria’s Wardrobe Weed Experience will take place in your home where we will:

  • Weed out those items from their wardrobe that are not working for you making more space for the items that do work.
  • Show you how to mix and match items to create new looks
  • Teach you how to experiment with colours
  • Display how to accessorise to create a variety of different looks
  • Explain the importance of a wardrobe capsule and how to create one.
  • Create harmony in your wardrobe


What is the pricing:


Each shopping destination will vary with price – please contact for individual pricing.



  • 1st hour €50 (allow 1 hour and 15 minutes as there is a few 15 minute mini consultation where we will have a chat about your style needs)
  • 2nd hour €40
  • 3rd hour €30
  • Every after this stays at a flat rate of €30.
  • For the second hour onwards you can decide to extend by 30 minutes or 60 minutes (divide in the hourly rate by 2)



Pricing: An image and colour consultation is €80 for 60minutes.

Special Offer: When an image an colour consultation is purchased with another Styleuphoria service an image and colour consultation service is at the reduced rate of €60 for 60minutes. (Prices apply to Dublin area – please contact for areas outside this as travel expenses may exist).



Wardrobe Weed Price: €140.00. (Prices apply to Dublin area – please contact for areas outside this as travel expenses may exist).


I feel nervous about getting this service?

During our personal shopping and styling service many clients say they felt very nervous to take the step to find their style, however during the session the client admits that they don’t know why they felt so nervous, that is is a ‘friendly and relaxed atmosphere’ and proud of themselves for making a change. The testimonials speak for themselves.


Should I bring anything with me to a personal shopping session?

The only thing you need to bring is you and a frame of mind to find your style. Wear something comfortable as you can get warm trying on clothes. If you are trying to match items with items in your current wardrobe feel free to send me a photograph of the item or bring it with you on the day to try on. If you like to wear opaque tights with dresses, bright tights with you.


Can I bring someone with me?

This is your choice; from past experience some clients who have brought someone with them later say to me that they wish they didn’t as they tended to stick with the old style, which they were trying to update, so can sometimes end up booking again without bringing anyone with them.


Is personal shopping only for females, or males too?

The service is for both male and females. Style is for everyone!


Do I have to spend a lot of money on a personal shopping trip?

You are under no obligation to make any purchases; you can spend as little or as much as you want. While the majority of clients use it to buy new clothes, some clients use it to educate themselves on finding a style that suits them so that when they are shopping by themselves in the future they have an idea of what style, shape and colour to go for.


What if I want to cancel my appointment?

You need to give 24 hours notice for cancellation.


What do previous clients have to say about the Styleuphoria Personal Shopping service?

We don’t expect you to believe what we have to say, we leave that up to our previous clients (and we have to say we are proud of what they have to say!)

“I can’t thank you enough for Saturday, I’ve never had such a wonderful shopping experience where I have actually found too many nice clothes and having to turn some down. It was such a change from my normal depressing attempts at shopping where after trying on clothes that don’t suit my shape I leave with nothing. You made everything seem so effortless even though you must have been running a half marathon around the shops and fitting rooms. I have gotten lots of compliments from family and friends about looking so much younger and feel a lot better about myself as a result. I consider myself a yummy mummy in training now J. Just wished I had gotten in touch with you sooner and saved myself all those depressing shopping trips. I have been singing your praises to everyone as you are brilliant!” Lucy, Dublin

More testimonials.


How do I book:

You can make a booking by calling Siobhán McHugh on 00 353 (0) 86 3396419 or email info@styleuphoria.com