Wardrobe Weeding

Please note I am currently on leave due to current restrictions 2020/2021, I will update here when I am back offering these services.

Most women wear 20% of their wardrobe 80% of the time; which means a lot of clutter in the wardrobe leaving you feeling frustrated when trying to find something to wear. What you need to do is ‘weed your wardrobe’, and if you are not too sure how to do that, that’s where I come in!

Siobhán McHugh of Styleuphoria will help to ‘weed’ out those items from your wardrobe that are not working for you, making more space for items that do work for you. We want to create harmony in your wardrobe by freeing up space by having only items you wear and can mix & match with other items, resulting in a hassle free approach to choosing your outfits when you open the wardrobe doors.

Styleuphoria’s Wardrobe Weed Experience will take place in your home where we will:

  • Weed out those items from their wardrobe that are not working for you making more space for the items that do work.
  • Show you how to mix and match items to create new looks
  • Teach you how to experiment with colours
  • Display how to accessorise to create a variety of different looks
  • Explain the importance of a wardrobe capsule and how to create one.
  • Create harmony in your wardrobe

Other services that compliment a wardrobe weed:

  • An Image and Colour Consultation is beneficial prior to the Wardrobe Weed (this can be done on the same day)
  • A Personal Styling consultation is useful after a wardrobe weeding session if you feel you want to create a new style or replace many items in your wardrobe. If you should want to follow up the wardrobe weed with a personal shopping trip I will help to create a shopping list of additional items to update the your wardrobe

Wardrobe Weed Price: €140.00 (Applies to Dublin/Kildare/Wicklow area – please contact for areas outside this as travel expenses may exist). A discount is available when purchased with our personal shopping and/or image consultation service.

Booking is essential.

To book an appointment contact Siobhán McHugh on (086) 3396419 or email info@styleuphoria.com.